East Vancouver Port Lands Plan (EVPL)

The Port impacts our community in many ways.

The Burrardview community is the only Vancouver community that borders the working Port of Metro Vancouver and the “East Vancouver Port Lands”. These lands are used for Port business and extend north of our community to the waterfront, bordered by Victoria Drive to the west and the Second Narrows Bridge to the east.

Because of this unique situation, The East Vancouver Port Lands Plan was developed in 2007.

What’s the East Vancouver Port Lands Plan?

The Burrardview Community Association, City of Vancouver, CP Rail and Port Metro Vancouver together developed the East Vancouver Port Lands Plan.

After a long history of residential concerns over issues of noise, truck traffic, air quality and visual aesthetics, a joint process involving these parties was initiated in 2003.

The Plan was developed and then approved by these parties in 2007.

The Plan sets out criteria for assessing new land use proposals on port lands located between Victoria Drive and the Second Narrows Bridge as well as the adjacent Burrardview neighbourhood. These proposals are reviewed by the EVPL Liaison Group for suitability according to the established criteria. See the EVPL Plan link below for further details.

The Plan strives to address compatibility issues between industrial and residential land uses in this area.

What’s in the Plan?

 Highlights include:

    • Policies and actions to address key impact areas—noise, views and air quality
    • Land use guidelines to help determine if proposed developments should be approved
    • A development approval process that includes earlier and better consultation with all affected groups
    • A mechanism that enables the City, the Port and the Burrardview community to continue to work together to address issues of mutual concern
    • A dispute resolution mechanism to deal with stalemates

The EVPL Liaison Group

The East Vancouver Port Lands (EVPL) Liaison Group is comprised of representatives from the Burrardview Community Association, Port Metro Vancouver, the City of Vancouver and CP Rail. It meets on a regular basis to monitor implementation of the EVPL Plan and advise on issues of mutual interest. These meetings provide a forum to exchange information and discuss new proposals and initiatives in the EVPL area. Any member of the public is welcome to attend a Liaison Group meeting. Contact your association for meeting dates and locations.

Your association works hard to ensure that our input is sought and heard on new projects that impact our community.

To see the EVPL Plan and the EVPL Minutes, click on the links below:



ail crossing hardware at the intersection of Rogers Street and Stewart Street will be operational at the start of October.  This is tentatively scheduled for Thursday 9th October.

Off-site Digital Messaging Sign (DMS) installation at McGill and Clark/Francis:
The construction of footings and the installation of DMS hardware at McGill and Clark/Francis is tentatively scheduled for the start of October pending City of Vancouver approvals.