Halloween Changes?

After talking to long time neighbours Colleen W (2600) and Claudia F (2500 Trinity), something has changed for this years Halloween night.
The multi-thousand candy hand-outs still exist, the nights can be very cold and the costumes are still very creative (Bride of Frankenstein was
seen on the night of.)

The kids tricking and treating were…. Thankful!

Many Thank you’s from costumed kids and parents were said to home owners along Trinity Street¬†this year.
Not to say that nothing was said from previous years, but this year was somewhat different said Colleen W.

Claudia tole me, young children were taking it in at a greater level. Not running from house to house but a methodical walk
staying in line from house to house. Also, more residents were at the bottom of the stairs handing out treats rather
than kids walking up stairs this year. Halloween is growing more than we thought!

I’am still unsure whom the top candy house is, Claudia topped out at 2ooo pieces.