Yen & Effie family photos

Photos from Yen, Effie and family. Much Thanks to David for allowing me to use these photos. It’s what is in the background that is interesting. Scenes include Yale Street, the old grain storage what is now Dusty Greenwell Park, Wall Street with very few homes and the collapse of the Second Narrows Bridge (now called Iron Workers Memorial Bridge) and a searching military helicopter.

It’s a Aunt & Uncle of David’s in front the Yale St. house… and yes, It’s David inspired by the 1964 Champions of the CFL.

Added is a before and after of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pools, which is now called Cargill. I’am told these pictures are near 1967 and 1968.
The before photo shows much ground clearing prior to the site. The Wall St. grain storage is an imposing sight given the height  and when you consider the grade from Wall to Yale Street, the grain storage site is like a concrete “wall”.

A photo of Yen and Effie as I’ve never seen them. I only know them as “seniors” and Yen often came into the shop to talk about his huge record collection and his love of music.  I remember that Yen would travel throughout the lower mainland to collect LP records and would get many of them even with his handicap, it amazes me that he did all in his older years on public transit.