Coppin Family Photos

  All nine photos are from the same two pages in one of Mr. Harold and Mrs. Audrey Coppin’s (past residents) photo album. The first photo is marked, saying they are all from Jan. 24 to Feb 3, 1976. (“Demolition of the Juvenile Detention Home”).
  Mr. Owen Coppin  retains all rights to the photos within web pages listed as  “Coppin Family Photos”. These images have been marked regarding the copyright holder within IPTC info.
  The Burrardview Community Association has permission to use the photos below and gratefully give thanks to Mr. Coppin for the use of their photographs. Special thanks to Rhiannon for finding these old photos.
  If you wish to use these photographs, please contact the BCA at and we will provide the contact info to Mr. Owen Coppin.