Our Association

This website is the home of the Burrardview Community Association which is a registered non-profit society made up of elected members of the community who volunteer their time because they care about their neighbours and their community.

Our goal is to protect, enhance and preserve the liveability of our community. We promote community spirit, inform residents about important issues that impact our neighbourhood and work to make sure that the Burrardview residents are heard at all levels of government.

If there’s an issue that’s important to you, we value input from all residents who live here.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Burrardview Community Association is to represent the broad interests of the Burrardview community. This includes:

  1. Representing the Burrardview community to all levels of government and all other organizations on any matter impacting the Burrardview community.
  2. Initiating and implementing community development strategies for the betterment of the Burrardview community.
  3. Acting with other organizations and communities on issues of common interest or concern.
  4. Providing a forum for neighborhood concerns.

What Does the BCA do for You?

Ongoing Activities

  • Board of Directors: meets bi-monthly, or as needed, to discuss community issues and plan activities of interest to the neighbourhood.
  • Monitoring Port Land Development: a group made up of BCA members and representatives from Port Metro Vancouver, City of Vancouver and CP Rail attend regularly scheduled meetings as part of the EVPL Liaison Group to review and discuss new Port development proposals impacting our neighbourhood in the areas of noise, air quality, and building heights and views. To find out more, click on the “East Vancouver Port Lands Plan” tab.
  • Annual General Meeting: open to all residents of the neighbourhood, elect Board members, review and discuss neighbourhood issues over the past year
  • Newsletter: published once a year, delivered to all households in the Burrardview community
  • Email Notices: to all residents regarding issues and announcements to do with our community (you can subscribe to this free service on the home page)
  • Community Patrol: volunteers patrol our neighbourhood to help maintain neighbourhood safety