2015 Transit Network Review – Report

Good news from Miriam C. (Nearby Resident):

Thank you for your previous inquiry regarding the Transit Network
Consultation where we consulted on proposed changes to the transit
network. We are writing to let you know that the 2015 Transit Network
Review report was recently released. The report is available at
www.translink.ca/tnc <http://www.translink.ca/tnc>.

This report describes our recommendations and the planning and
consultation process we went through to develop and finalize service
changes for implementation over the next 2 years. Our recommendations are
broken out into specific sub-regions on our website to help you get the
details on the routes most important to you. The feedback that you
provided in your previous correspondence was incorporated and considered
in our recommendations and the report.

In short, no changes to transit services for routes No 4, No 7 & No16.
Increased monitoring on ridership to determine levels of service.

Link specific to NE Vancouver Trolleys, page 11
Link specific to NE Vancouver – Recommendations, page 12